ClusterSeven ESM (Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager)

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ClusterSeven ESM provides one central platform for the management of business-critical spreadsheets. ESM also offers an integrated dashboard for users of ClusterSeven ADM (MS Access® Database Manager) for unified control of all of your end user computing.

ESM supports the complete spreadsheet management lifecycle:

  • Understanding your current state (eDiscovery and Risk Assessment)

  • Applying a control framework (Security, Monitoring and Alerting)

  • Spreadsheet Retirement and Replacement with more Robust Systems

  • Enhanced productivity and insights into historical data

  • The File Watchers locate EUCs and monitor user activity without requiring any software agents on servers or in files.

  • The Application Server(s) analyze user activity, generating exception reports and email alerts for a rapid targeted response to anomalous behaviour.

  • The User Interface provides personalized dashboards that can be drilled down from inventory oversight all the way to potential problem cells for approval or repair.

  • The Database provides a cell-level data-warehouse allowing all historical activity to be ‘sliced and diced’  to your needs for new business insight.
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Did you know that you can…

Monitor activity across multiple sites from one installation for the lowest support costs

Map data dependencies by ‘spidering’ down spreadsheet links (in macros, cell formulas, cell text, named ranges and data sources)

Automatically track file changes even when users change folder and file names

Create your own risk rules to run at speed across your whole inventory

Automatically reconcile data between separate sources in spreadsheets and/or systems, saving days of manual effort

Integrate ClusterSeven information into other BI or GRC dashboards for an easier life

Be alerted in real-time on things that don’t happen when they should –  as well as things that do happen when they shouldn’t

Still unsure…..try out our software on the cloud (SaaS) to see how we can solve your problems.