Reference Questions for EUC Management Software

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During your procurement of an End User Computing (EUC) management solution you will want to speak to the reference sites for your preferred solution(s). The needs and expectations of businesses who have implemented EUC management vary widely and may be very different from your own plans. Here are some questions that may be useful in determining the similarity of your objectives with those of a reference site:

Start Up

  1. Why did you choose this solution?
  2. Do you monitor Excel, Access or both?
  3. How long have you been using the software?
  4. How was it initially received by staff/managers?
  5. How long did it take to bed in?
  6. What is the opinion of staff/managers on it now?
  7. What issues (IT, business etc.) occurred at start up and how were they resolved?

Size and Scalability

  1. How many spreadsheets/databases do you manage?
  2. How many of these are older version saves and how many are actively changing files?
  3. Are the managed files widely distributed or centrally located?

Discovery and Risk Assessment

  1. Did you use the solution to find and assess EUC files?
  2. If so, how fast was the process?
  3. How easy is it to create or alter risk rules?

Change Management

  1. Are you using the solution to record the changes that take place in EUC files?
  2. Did you have to relocate the EUC files? If so what issues arose?
  3. Have you had to change your approach to naming file versions in order to enable file management?
  4. Does the functionality enable you to rapidly locate potential problems?

Business process

  1. Take us through a typical day using the solution. Who does what and how long does each step take?
  2. What are the slowest parts of the process?
  3. Is the solution used in several areas? If so is it used differently in those areas?
  4. Do you monitor all files or just a critical list?
  5. Which parts of the software do you use?
  6. What do you find most useful?
  7. Did you take on more people to manage the additional work? Did productivity of existing staff increase or decrease as a result of using the software?
  8. What reports do you rely on to ensure that control processes have been completed?Do these meet your needs?
  9. Is it easy to retrieve old file versions? If so how far back can you go?
  1. What issues have you encountered in deploying and maintaining the software?
  2. How many servers are you using to support the application, including and excluding failover capacity?
  3. What file storage system(s) are you using? e.g. Windows/NetApps servers or document repositories such as MS SharePoint or Documentum
  4. What is the upgrade process like?
  1. How much do you use the helpdesk?
  2. How quickly are issues resolved?
  3. What things could be done better?
  4. What has been the quality of additional professional services work?
  1. What have been the main benefits - tangible and intangible?
  2. Any unexpected benefits or downsides?
  3. What questions should you have asked before implementation that you wish you had?
  4. Do you expect to expand usage in terms of users and functionality?

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