Integration with EASA

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Spreadsheet models commonly provide a standard application for a distributed community, such as a sales force or call centre who must rapidly respond to complex pricing requests. Key challenges with this process are:

  • Which models are currently in use and are business critical?

  • How can the integrity of these models be protected as they evolve?

  • How do I safeguard the intellectual property invested in the models?

  • Are all users accessing the latest published version of the model?

ClusterSeven and EASA offer one integrated solution to solve these issues.

Firstly, ClusterSeven discovers and assesses the spreadsheet risk associated with the key business process(es). Business can then determine which spreadsheets should be retained or retired. ClusterSeven then tracks changes to the retained models as they are developed by the business. Intelligent rules ensure that Excel users do not break the integrity of the model, supporting the accelerated approval of new versions to meet front line needs.

Using EASA, the business determines which parts of the spreadsheet model (i.e. selective inputs, outputs and graphics) will be exposed to end-users. Most importantly, instead of distributing the actual spreadsheet file, these visible areas are published to an internet site and the model is accessed via a browser. Since the spreadsheet is never on the user’s desktop, the underlying model cannot be altered or stolen. Moreover, any update to the model by the business is immediately visible to authorised users, over-riding the now out-of-date model. EASA records all user sessions on the published model, providing an historical record that may be critical for client-facing regulatory compliance.

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“The combination of ClusterSeven and EASA delivers fast, reliable models to front line staff with complete visibility, control and security.” 

Seb Dewhurst, CEO EASA

“With EASA, version control is assured - everyone uses the same version of the spreadsheet - an audit trail is generated, Intellectual Property is protected, and an  improved interface is provided (without any programming) that makes the use of even the most complex spreadsheets completely foolproof.”

John Clisham, Solutions Manager, HPC Group, Procter & Gamble.