Summary Reporting for Your End User Computing / User Developed Applications

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The pervasiveness and criticality of End User Computing (EUC) - also known as User Developed Applications (UDA) has an impact on multiple stakeholders in the business. These groups include:

  • Users wanting to complete tasks faster and more accurately

  • Management wanting better efficiency and reliability of business processes

  • Executives who want to ensure no external losses or brand damage

  • Control Functions (such as Risk, Audit and Compliance) wanting demonstrable control in the form of electronic audit evidence (EAE) with a low cost overhead

  • IT who need visibility of critical business data/files and their manipulation

This community creates a wide set of demands on an EUC / UDA management solution. Each group needs a different slice of the collected data, presented in different ways. For example individual users will only be interested in their specific files, while management will be interested in wider inventories. In contrast, the control functions will have little interest in any particular file but will need to confirm that control processes have been completed on time and that the solution can respond to changes in control requirements. The perspective of IT will also be different. They rarely take responsibility for the quality of the files themselves but will want to provide a cost-effective architecture for the business without creating more data silos.

The only way to satisfy these demands is to create a central data warehouse that can be sliced, diced and presented according to changing stakeholder needs. Any tasks or control activities that are performed within isolated desktop utilities will inevitably create data silos and IT maintenance headaches, whilst also compromising the integrity of central reporting.

The ClusterSeven data warehouse solves all these problems. One central database can satisfy the demands of all stakeholders. Data can be consumed in multiple environments at both detail and summary levels:

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“We now have our spreadsheets in an environment where they can be monitored and managed. We can audit the changes, control, and check that the things that should be altered are altered. Everyone focuses on things that shouldn’t change, but you also have to look carefully at the things that need to be changing. ”

Don Simpson, MD of Operations and Technology, MUSI (ClusterSeven client)

“When ClusterSeven approached us, it was the first time we had seen such a product. We immediately realized its value to us as a company.”

George Flynn, business analyst of product control, European Credit Management (ClusterSeven client)

“Adopting ClusterSeven gives us central visibility of activity in our business critical spreadsheets and helps protect against operational loss.”

Pete Coleman, Head of IT Development at Nationwide