Integration with ActionBase

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Spreadsheet models are commonly circulated as attachments to emails. Like many unstructured processes this allows users to rapidly collaborate in pursuit of a business objective. However, this activity creates challenges:

  • Tracking the execution of objectives, due to factors including the creation of multiple tasks among multiple people, long or indeterminate timeframes, combined with both intra- and inter-organizational communication.

  • Managing the supporting information, including such factors as scattered documents, multiple versions of the truth, undetected changes, and email overload.

  • Applying relevant governance needs, such as visibility and restriction of users, information retention policies and enterprise reporting.

The combination of ClusterSeven and ActionBase solves these problems. Users continue to work in their preferred environments of MS Outlook® and Excel, eliminating the need for retraining. But now, all conversations surrounding the spreadsheet and its changes are tracked and held in a central process repository. This gives visibility into who is using the spreadsheet, ensuring that authorized users know its status, the history of changes and their business context. Users can be certain that they are using the right version.

In addition, the owner of the spreadsheet is now sure that everyone using the spreadsheet receives notification of critical changes (both structural and business issues) and has taken appropriate action - or elected not to.

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“Process risk is a major source of risk-related loss for many organizations, especially financial institutions. Our partnership with ClusterSeven enables us to provide a complete end-to-end solution to real-world process risk caused by e-mail and spreadsheets.” 

Eyal Maor, CEO ActionBase

“The challenge for businesses is to learn how to deal with unstructured processes... [This] has the potential for a huge cost saving for any business, as knowledge workers are generally the most expensive labor organizations have on the payroll.”

Jim G Sinur, Research Vice President, Gartner